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  Tuyen Q. Bui, D.M.D., M.P.H.

Endodontics: Root Canal Therapy

Root canal diagram with tooth damage
Root canal therapy may be necessary if a tooth has been damaged and the pulp is infected.  The pulp is the tissue and nerves inside the tooth.  Common causes of tooth damage include a deep cavity, a cracked tooth, or trauma to the tooth.  These kinds of damages create a pathway for bacteria to enter the tooth, resulting in swelling and pain.

During root canal therapy, the dentist will remove the nerves and clean the canals.  A sealant is placed in the canals and a temporary filling may be used until a filling or a crown can be permanently fitted to protect the tooth from further damage.  If the tooth is left untreated, it may have to be removed.  An implant or a bridge will be necessary to replace the missing tooth in order to avoid difficulty in chewing.  A partial denture is another option depending on the number of missing teeth.