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Prosthodontic : Crowns, Bridges and Dentures

A tooth can become weaken in many ways. A large cavity will damage the natural tooth structure. The tooth will break easier even once the cavity has been removed and a filling placed in the resulting opening. If the cavity is large enough, the dentist may have to perform a root canal to save the tooth. With the nerves removed, the tooth is no longer as strong as before. To protect the tooth from breaking in the future, the dentist may recommend a crown be place over the natural tooth. Modern technology allows several options when selecting the material for the crown. Whether the crown is made of porcelain or zirconia, we can be design it to blend in with the natural coloring of the surrounding teeth.

In some cases, the tooth could not be save and an extraction was necessary. Depending on the number of missing teeth, a dentist may recommend an implant, a bridge or a denture. An implant is the most similar to your natural tooth.

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